criccieth castle

The Best Things About Criccieth – Part One

This blog was prompted by a recent post on the ‘Whats on in Criccieth’ facebook group.

The moderator asked just this- “what is the best thing about Criccieth?” I couldn’t narrow it down to one thing!

So I thought I would write a series of blogs for each over the next few weeks.

This blog is more of a personal one. Criccieth clearly is a beautiful place but what has made me love it the most (why wouldn’t you anyway?)…….for me its the people!

Since September 2021 when we purchased a cottage we have experienced nothing but friendliness and kindness from the people of Criccieth. We are still getting to know people but our experiences so far have been 

Where to start…..close to home. We have the most wonderful neighbours. I’m sure at times the noise we made during renovations must have disturbed them….they didn’t complain once. They have been nothing but positive and supportive and I look forward to seeing them every time we visit. They are not just neighbours…I would consider them my friends. The lady that lives behind us and is amazing for her age (although I’m not to tell her) who always gives me a wave. Another neighbour who it turns out also came from Coventry and makes sure our bins get emptied (you can find her behind the bar in the Prince of Wales)

Barry- we met Barry before the house purchase had gone through. We had two things in common! A black and a red labrador! We chatted about Criccieth and why he had moved there himself. We were told if we ever needed anything to just pop down and see him! The next time I went to see him was to visit his gorgeous fox red labrador puppies!

Clive the builder- he hasn’t actually done any work for me (there is a big waiting list) but he helped me to find the lovely Phil to sort out my sash windows and he recommended a scaffolding company when I needed to restore the front windows.

Mervin from the picture framing shop- I accidently smashed a pane of glass when restoring the windows, Mervin saved the day when i went in with the pieces like a jigsaw! 

The lovely Rita. Rita is amazing, we got talking because of our love of dogs and property development (my Labradors know they will get a biscuit from her), she is probably the first person that I came to know in Criccieth. 

Sharon from Criccieth cleaning… what would i do without her? and her brother and the rest of her team. I certainly am lucky that she took us on!

Sian the wonderful photographer, some people you just hit it off with! Made a friend and gained some beautiful professional photos of the cottage!

Gem in the Star/kebab shop, lots of little chats when I visited the shop after a hard days work to get essential supplies (sweets and wine).

Angela from the Golden Eagle. Once when it was a windy day the flowers from our window box had blown down the road and we retrieved by a passer by who had stopped their car and returned them to the guests who were staying at the cottage. I got talking to Angela the day after she sadly lost her Dad. It turns out that she was the kind person who had rescued my flowers!!

Kate from the chip shop- always has a smile. Stopped and chatted to me when I was up the scaffolding about what a lovely job we had done of the house (they had looked at purchasing it many years ago).

Reuben – he doesn’t live in Criccieth and I have yet to meet him but he has been a star of the past couple of weeks helping to sort out an issue at the cottage with his friend Phil.

All of the little bits of kindness really do add up and make Criccieth a wonderful place to be, especially when for many weeks I was staying there on my own. Even my Dad remarked on how friendly everyone is, everyone passing says hi! 

From walking around Criccieth it is clear that everyone takes pride in their wonderful town. The painted benches, post box toppers, gorgeous boat planters etc all help towards making Criccieth a beautiful and cheery place to be. It is easy to see why Criccieth were the winners of the 2021 Creative Lives Award for Wales. Look up “Creative Criccieth” facebook page to see their wonderful projects. I have used some of their photos on the slide show below. I am looking forward to seeing the results of their current one – a tapestry of Castle Street and Mill Street which means it will include our beautiful cottage!

Perhaps having such wonderful surrounding to live in helps everyone to spread a bit of happiness around, but imagine if everyone in the world could take a leaf out of Criccieth’s book what a wonderful world it would be!

Another facility which demonstrates the kindness of the people in Criccieth is The Nyth!

The Nyth (the nest) can  be found on the high street. This is a free to use community space where you can relax, play games, read, make a cup of tea (honesty box) and use the toilet facilities!