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Dog Friendly Self Catering Cottage in North Wales

Holiday Cottage in North Wales!

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Porthyraur is a self catering holiday cottage in North Wales

Google maps postcode LL52 0DP

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Where we are from the beach and criccieth castle


So why did we buy a holiday cottage in North Wales?

My name is Faith, and I would like to introduce you to my family. I have been happily married (mostly) to Spencer for 25 years, and the best part is, he is still alive and kicking! We are blessed with three wonderful children, although two of them have already grown up and embarked on their own journeys. Additionally, we have two crazy labradors named Harry and Teddy, who bring endless joy and excitement to our lives. They absolutely love their visits to Porthyraur and the freedom that they have on the beach and the wonderful local walks.

Our story takes an interesting turn when one of our closest friends decided to move to Harlech. Intrigued by her choice, we decided to visit her and explore the area. Little did we know that our casual visit would lead us to fall head over heels in love with the Criccieth. We embarked on a house-hunting adventure, and to our surprise, the properties were selling like hotcakes. However, amidst the frenzy, we stumbled upon a gem called Porthyraur.

Porthyraur had been on the market for some time, and fortunately for us, people couldn’t envision its full potential. It stood empty, waiting for someone to uncover its hidden beauty. We couldn’t resist its charm, and after a lengthy process, we finally became the proud owners of Porthyraur in September 2021. Even now, I sometimes pinch myself in disbelief. We consider ourselves incredibly fortunate and grateful to possess such a stunning house in this truly remarkable location.

Porthyraur holiday cottage in North Wales is more than just a business venture for us; it is our dream to eventually make it our home. However, in the meantime we want to share its magic with all of you (and we need to to pay the bills!).

Apart from our involvement with Porthyraur, we also have our respective jobs. Spencer works as an accountant for a bank, while I have a fulfilling role in HR for our local Cancer Hospice. 

The renovation of Porthyraur holiday cottage in North Wales was a labor of love. We dedicated ourselves to decorating every nook and cranny, striving to maintain a comfortable and cozy ambiance. We deliberately avoided an ultra-modern aesthetic, preferring to retain the house’s timeless charm.

During the renovation process, I spent several months in nearby Criccieth, working tirelessly during the week while eagerly awaiting the arrival of my family to help me during the weekends. There were undoubtedly challenging moments, but the results were undeniably worth the effort.


Our aim for Porthyraur is to make it as comfortable and well-equipped as possible, all while preserving its inherent charm. We understand that when people go on holiday, they don’t want to pack the kitchen sink. That’s why we provide an extensive range of facilities, including baby/toddler equipment, dog accessories, beach gear stored in our beach hut, and an assortment of books, toys, games, and DVDs. Our intention is to ensure that you have everything you need for a truly relaxing and enjoyable stay.

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 Additionally, we have a video showcasing our facilities, allowing you to get a firsthand glimpse of what awaits you during your stay.

We hope that this demonstration of our attention to detail and care for your comfort resonates with you.

We sincerely hope that during your time at Porthyraur, you will witness and appreciate the love and dedication poured into its renovations. We aspire for you to fall in love with Criccieth and its surrounding areas just as deeply as we have.

If you are curious to see the transformative journey of Porthyraur, we have uploaded a before-and-after video on YouTube.

Faith & Spencer
Dog Friendly Self Catering cottage in North Wales

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