Welcome to Porthyraur!!

Welcome to our cottage Porth Yr Aur (Gate of Gold)

We hope you enjoy your stay. We have tried to equip the cottage with everything you need to enjoy your holiday comfortably and we hope that you have a wonderful time!

The heating is controlled by the Tado thermostat which can be found on the wall in the snug. It’s a small white box- press the round circle button to activate then use the arrow keys to turn the temperature to what you would like it to be. You can also ask Alexa to turn on heating or change temperature. (The thermostat is battery operated, spare batteries if needed can be found in the lounge coffee table drawer).

We advise keeping the keys in the lock box when not at the property which prevents the keys from being lost and prevents problems with sharing keys with multiple guests

If ever needed the stop cock is behind removable panel in snug bench

The fuse box is in the dining room to right of window at the top of the wall next to hallway door- its boxed in lift bolt onthe front.

The information below can be found in the house manual

For digital versions please scan down below.


Cottage Rules 


Waste and Recycling

Checkout information

Local information (doctors, vets, supermarkets etc)


Places to eat

Places to visit

Appliance instructions

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